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Child Clinical Program Overview

UW Psychology Child Clinical

In the early 1960s, the University of Washington played a key role in the development and establishment of clinical child psychology as a viable specialty area within clinical psychology. Our program was one of the first, if not the first, to provide specialty training in clinical child psychology (Perry, 1978. Professional Psychology: Research & Practice, 9, 677-684). The child clinical psychology program at UW is a specialty track within the clinical psychology program. This is a formal area of specialization, and students must apply specifically for admission to this track.

UW Psychology Child Clinical

The goal of our program is to develop competent and creative clinical scientists who are capable of functioning successfully in academic, research, clinical, and community settings. Within this multifaceted training framework, we seek students who are interested in research careers. Our program is not a good fit for those interested solely in clinical practice. Our training program is primarily an apprenticeship for a career that will encompass making significant contributions to scientific clinical child psychology. We have specific training objectives that underpin the graduate education we offer our students:

  • a broad foundation and understanding of the field of clinical child psychology
  • knowledge and skills in evidence-based intervention and assessment
  • research knowledge and competence
  • respect for and knowledge of cultural and individual diversity
  • knowledge of ethical and professional issues and their applications, and
  • experience in the integration of science and practice

For more information please see the Clinical Psychology Program Training Manual