Psychology 222, Current Topics

PSYCH 222, Current Topics in Psychology, is a special topics course open to all students. Content changes from quarter to quarter and typically reflects the research and special interests of the faculty who teach the classes.

Does not fulfill graduation requirements for a Psychology major.

Winter 2022

PSYCH 222A: Sleep

Meets: 11:30AM-12:50PM TTH
3 credits | SLN: 19501
Instructor: Michael Passer

This course examines sleep and related phenomena, such as dreaming, sleep disorders, and circadian rhythms, from diverse psychological perspectives. We will explore ancient and modern beliefs about sleep, scientific methods of studying sleep, basic patterns of typical human sleep, and sleep in other animal species. We will discuss how the brain and environment regulate sleep, changes in sleep as we age. individual differences and personality factors in sleep, sociocultural aspects of sleep and dreaming, and the nature and treatment of sleep disorders. The influence of typical sleep and sleep deprivation on memory and other cognitive processes, emotion, mental and physical health, and task performance will be addressed, as will debates about why we sleep and dream, whether dreams have meaning, and whether we can control our dreams while asleep. We will also discuss behavioral guidelines to enhance the quality of our own sleep.