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Thank you to our supporters

Special thanks to the following April - October 2010 supporters.  Contributions help strengthen our Department and support a wide range of important research and instructional work by our current students and faculty, as well as recruitment of the very best new faculty and graduate students.  Please let us know if we have accidentally omitted or misspelled your name by writing to the Psychology Development office.

Mr. and Mrs. Alan S. Ailie  |  Ms. Amalia Annest  |  Ms. Veronica L. Asui  |  Mr. Robert C. Barkley  |  Mr. and Mrs. Roger M. Belanich  |  Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. Boyle  |  Ms. Tiffany D. Brewster  |  Dr. and Mrs. James M. Campbell Jr.  |  Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Chandler  |  Dr. and Mrs. Paul W. Clement  |  Mr. Patrick Loudon Coblentz  |  Ms. Melanie Colon  |  Ms. Margaret S. Dennis  |  Mr. Robert E. Donnell  |  Ms. Jeunai Dotson  |  Ms. Rebecca L. Emery  |  Dr. Michael S. Fanselow  |  Melissa A. Fleming, Ph.D.  |  Mr. Peter M. Fogliano  |  Mr. Steven R. Galper  |  Ms. Christine D. Galvin  |  Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. George  |  Mr. and Mrs. David G. Gilbert  |  Drs. Robert N. Golden & Nona K. Phillips  |  Mary Ann Goodwyn, Ph.D.  |  Dr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Green  |  Dr. & Mrs. Anthony Greenwald  |  Ms. Iisha Fawn Gwynn  |  Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Hack  |  Dr. and Mrs. Gordon C. Nagayama Hall  |  Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Hamilton  |  Mr. and Ms. Jason Hannigan  |  Dr. Jean and Mr. Thomas Heestand  |  Mr. and Mrs. James Hereford  |  Ms. Barbara M. Hertzog  |  Ms. Margaret E. Hix  |  Dr. and Mrs. Albert R. Hollenbeck  |  Warren G. Holmes, Ph.D.  |  Ms. Patricia M. Johnson  |  Ms. Krista Ann Jones  |  Ms. Rhonda L. Jones  |  Mr. and Mrs. Bill L. Langdon  |  Marsha M. Linehan, Ph.D.  |  Drs. J. E. Lipton and D. P. Barash  |  Prof. G. Alan Marlatt  |  Mr. Daniel J. Miller  |  Ms. Judyth I. Mirante  |  Ms. Rindy Rose Moreira  |  Mr. and Ms. James P.  Morrison  |  Mr. S. Mitchell & Ms. S. Nishimoto  |  Drs.  Brian Kelley and Patricia Pedigo  |  Ms. Kris P. Primacio  |  Mr. Gordon C. Pyke  |  Mr. Kevin Kai Ren  |  Mr. Kevin R. Rio  |  Ms. Arleen G. Runkle  |  Ms. Mitsuye Y. Sakaguchi  |  Ms. Nancy Lynn Schaaf  |  Ms. Donna E. A. Schmidt  |  Ms. Jennifer L. Schulze-Aguirre  |  Ms. Helen J. Setter  |  Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Shimer  |  Mr. and Mrs. Kevin S. Y. Shiraishi  |  Ms. Carroll P. Smith  |  Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Sobolik  |  Mr. Ronald Soper & Ms. Barbara Bunkle  |  Dr. and Mrs. Joe T. Stone  |  Ms. Julie Anne Tague  |  Mr. and Mrs. Mark P. Thompson  |  Ms. Mary Jane Thompson  |  Ms. Chandra D. Wajdik  |  Dr. and Mrs. David G. Weight  |  Ms. Marguerite M. Weis  |  Adam M. Weisman, Ph.D.  |  Mr. Michael Allen Williams  |  Mr. and Mrs. Todd D. Worthington  |  Ms. Susanna P. Wu  |  Jeff and Julie Ziegler  |  Lori A. Zoellner, Ph.D.

Behavioral Tech, LLC  |  LISALI LLC  |  Universitetet I Bergen

Estate of Robert C. Bolles  |  Estate of Allen L. Edwards

In honor of Dr. Cheryl Kempinsky:  Ms. Donna L. Klein

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