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Graduation Speaker Profile: Honson Ling

"Psychology provides the most practical and direct way of understanding the way in which we understand the world."

     - Honson Ling, Psychology BS 2019

Honson Ling
Honson Ling

Honson Ling was drawn to the study of psychology because of its focus on understanding the human mind and human behavior. What he soon learned was that not only does psychology offer a pathway to study these interests, but it also affords students with the flexibility and opportunity to take their interests in multiple directions. Honson found himself exploring a wide range of topics, from religion and morality to philosophy and comparative literature.

As he progressed in his interdisciplinary studies, Honson found himself intrigued by the connection between psychology and technology. This interest let him to a research assistant position in the Human-Interaction with Nature and Technological Systems (HINTS) lab, directed by Dr. Peter Kahn. "I became fascinated by how nature and techology can affect our psychological well-being," says Honson. He later sought out independent research opportunities with faculty members in Computer Science and the Human Centered Design and Engineering (HCDE) programs.

Honson points to the exploration of ideas and information from a number of different fields as being critical in his academic development. "By actively listening, asking questions, and connecting different ideas," recalls Honson, "I was able to materialize my curiosity into active psychological research in human-robot interaction." Specifically, he hopes to work toward designing technological systems that will not only enhance the world, but also promote human flourishing from a psychological standpoint.

Not surprisingly, the next step for Honson begins this fall quarter as he enters the Master's program in HCDE where he plans to continue to learn and hone his skills in technological design and research with an aim of eventually pursuing a PhD in a relevant discipline. "Ultimately," says Honson, "I hope that my research and the work that I will accomplish in the future will leave a positive mark on human existence."