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Milla Titova, Ph.D.

Assistant Teaching Professor

Degree From: University of Missouri

Interests: Positive psychology; happiness and well-being; prosocial behavior


Office Guthrie 235
Course(s) PSYCH 303 - Personality Psychology
PSYCH 345 - Social Psychology
PSYCH 478 - Cultural Psychology
Website(s) Happiness Lab Website
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Do I accept and train new psychology graduate students in general?


My research interests concentrate on happiness and well-being, specifically, how cultural and personality differences affect people’s well-being levels, as well as the experience of happiness and positive emotions. I am also investigating how people’s relationships with the places and spaces that they occupy connect to happiness and well-being.

Selected Publications

  • Titova L. & Sheldon K. M. (In Press). Happiness comes from trying to make others feel good, rather than oneself. Journal of Positive Psychology.
  • Titova L. & Sheldon K. M. (In Press). Thwarted Beneficence: Not Getting to Help Lowers Mood. Journal of Positive Psychology.
  • Titova L. & Sheldon K. M. (2018). Why Do I Feel This Way? Attributional Assessment of Happiness and Unhappiness. Journal of Positive Psychology, 14(5), 1-14.
  • Titova L., Werner, K. M., & Sheldon K. M. (2018). Translating Positive Psychology. Translational Issues in Psychological Science, 4(3), 211-214.
  • Titova L., Wagstaff A., & Parks A. C. (2017). Disentangling the Effects of Gratitude and Optimism: A Cross-Cultural Investigation. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 48(5), 754-770.

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