Welcome! 1917-2017: 100 Years of Discovery

Dear Friends of the Psychology Department

The Psychology Department is celebrating its 100th birthday this year! Since our founding in 1917, the Psychology Department has had a pioneering tradition of excellence in teaching and research. Twenty five thousand undergraduate students earned their degrees in our department. They are pursuing amazing careers in all sectors of society including education, research, law, medicine, engineering, as well as public and clinical service. About 600 graduate students have earned PhDs to become exceptional and impactful leaders in society, science, and education. Our faculty received upwards of 2 billion dollars in grant support for research that has come to define our understanding of why we behave the way that we do, and how we can improve behaviors and mental health. We are so proud of our many student and faculty accomplishments. Looking forward, our mission is to Promote Healthy Minds Through Psychological Science by addressing three of society’s major challenges:

1) How can we enable all individuals in our society to experience sound mental health and psychological well-being? How do we optimize human potential? We will integrate our well known clinical research with developmental, social, cognitive, and neuroscience-based psychology to create cutting edge innovations for intervention in cases of suicide, depression, anxiety, addiction, and developmental challenges.

2) How can we achieve social equity and equality? We will synthesize developmental, social, and biological approaches to understand people’s biases and how biases translate into inequality at the societal level.

3) How can we understand how the most complex processor known (our brain) perceives and learns information about the world around us, and how this process impacts our decisions and actions? Our discoveries will inform new and effective technologies that improve quality of life.

It is now up to us to continue our predecessors’ legacy of excellence to address society’s biggest challenges. Please partner with us in achieving our goals by  contributing to our campaign to solve these critical societal challenges. We would also like to hear your story about how your connection to our department has impacted your life! Let us know!

Warm wishes

Sheri Mizumori, Chair