Diversity Science

Faculty Research

Kim Barrett Kim Barrett (Clinical Area): childhood experiences with racism
Sapna Cheryan Sapna Cheryan (Social & Personality Area): stereotypes, identity, belonging, gender and STEM
Brian Flaherty Brian Flaherty (Quantitative Area)
William George William George (Clinical Area): cultural factors in sexuality, sexual aggression, & substance use
Tony Greenwald Tony Greenwald (Social & Personality Area): unconscious prejudice and health-care disparities
Cheryl Kaiser Cheryl Kaiser (Social & Personality Area): prejudice, stigma, anti-discrimination law
Nancy Kenney Nancy Kenney (Social & Personality Area)
Kevin King Kevin King (Clinical Area & Quantitative Area): developmental psychopathology of adolescent substance and ethnic differences in etiological pathways
Jan Leu Jan Leu (Social & Personality Area): immigrant health, culture and emotion
Mary Larimer Mary Larimer (Clinical Area)
Laura Little Laura Little (Quantitative Area): diversity in educational settings, teaching of statistics
Sheri Mizumori Sheri Mizumori (Behavioral Neuroscience Area): neural analysis of individual differences in decision making, learning and memory
Yuichi Shoda Yuichi Shoda (Social & Personality Area): cultural differences in mental models of the social world
Jane Simoni Jane Simoni (Clinical Area): trauma, stress among racial and sexual minorities