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Lori Zoellner, Ph.D.


Degree From: University of California - Los Angeles

Interests: Information processing abnormalities in the anxiety-based disorders, with emphasis on the prevention and treatment of chronic psychopathology following trauma exposure such as posttraumatic stress disorder.


Phone (206) 685-3126
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Do I accept and train new psychology graduate students in general?
Am I accepting new graduate students in the upcoming year?
I am accepting graduate students in the 2018-2019
Advising Areas:
Adult Clinical
Advising notes:
I will be taking a student for Fall 2018. Preference is for students interested in intrusive memory processes.


Over the last 20 years, our knowledge regarding the nature of post trauma reactions has increased substantially but key questions in understanding mechanisms associated with recovery following trauma exposure remain. Who is most likely to develop chronic psychopathology? How do we most effectively intervene for those immediately following trauma and for those who are still suffering months and years later? Better understanding the mechanisms associated with natural and therapeutic recovery we may be better able to answer these key questions. My research focuses on addressing these questions across three main areas of inquiry: information processing mechanisms associated with trauma exposure and psychopathology, prevention of chronic psychopathology following trauma exposure, and intervention for chronic psychopathology following trauma exposure. In addition to the focus on understanding these issues, I am also interested more broadly in the issues of information processing and intervention across the anxiety disorders.

Research Publications

  • Keller, S. M., Feeny, N. C, & Zoellner, L. A. (2014). Depression sudden gains and transient depression spikes during treatment for PTSD. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 82, 103-111. (2014)
  • McLaughlin, A., Keller, S., Feeny, N., Youngstrom, E., & Zoellner, L. (2014). Patterns of therapeutic alliance: rupture-repair episodes in prolonged exposure for PTSD. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 82, 112-121. (2014)
  • Zoellner, L. A., Pruitt, L. D., Farach, F. J., & Jun, J. J. (2014). Understanding heterogeneity in PTSD: Fear, dysphoria, and distress. Depression and Anxiety, 31, 97-106. (2014)
  • Jun, J., Zoellner, L. A., & Feeny, N. C. (2013). Sudden gains in prolonged exposure and sertraline for chronic PTSD. Depression and Anxiety, 30, 607-613. (2013)
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  • Bedard-Gilligan, & Zoellner, L.A. (2012). Dissociation and memory fragmentation in posttraumatic stress disorder: An evaluation of the dissociative encoding hypothesis. Memory, 20, 277-299. (2012)

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