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Jessica Sommerville, Ph.D.


Degree From: University of Chicago

Interests: early social and moral cognition and behavior; action/perception linkages; role of agency in cognitive development; memory development


Phone (206) 616-3090
Course Website(s)Early Childhood Cognition Lab


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I am accepting graduate students in the 2018-2019
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Dr. Sommerville studies cognitive development from infancy through preschool with an emphasis on social and moral cognition and behavior, action/perception relations and memory development.

Research Publications

  • Sommerville, J. A. & Woodward, A. L. (in press). The link between action production and action processing in infancy. In Franck Grammont (Ed). Naturalizing Intention in Action. (2006)
  • Sommerville, J. A. & Woodward, A. L. (2004). Pulling out the intentional structure of action: The relation between action processing and action production in infancy. Cognition, in press. (2004)
  • Sommerville, J. A., Woodward, A. L., Needham, A. (2004). Action experience alters 3-month-old infants' perception of others actions. Cognition, in press (2004)

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