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  • 2016 Allen L. Edwards Psychology Lectures
    CONNECTING THE DOTS BETWEEN RESEARCH AND THE COMMUNITY - April 20: Stephanie Fryberg & Barbara Rogoff, April 27: Marsha Linehan & Martin Bohus, May 4: Wendy Stone & David Mandell. All lectures are available for viewing on UWTV. Click here for a full list of lectures.

  • Faculty Interdisciplinary Research Pilot Awards
    Wendy Stone, Jessica Sommerville, Lori Zoellner, Jeansok Kim, Stephanie Fryberg, Katie McLaughlin, and Kristina Olson were awarded new research grants. Learn more about their grants here.

    Modern psychology is increasingly becoming a biological science. One of the defining features of UW Psychology is that we have faculty in every area of our department who are interested in the biological substrate of behavior. UW Psychology serves as the bridge that links the biological - and... More

    Am I different? Are we different? Are they different? Different from whom? What´s we, and what´s they? The goal of diversity science is to understand how people think about and answer these questions, and their emotional and behavioral consequences. More...

  • Center for child and family well-being
    The center is dedicated to understanding children´s development and well-being from a Bioecological perspective that takes a holistic or "whole child" approach. More...

  • The Psychological Services and Training Center (The Clinic)
    The clinic provides psychotherapy and psychological assessment to residents of the Seattle metropolitan area, including University of Washington students and their families. The LEARN Clinic is a small specialty clinic, operating through the Clinic, that... More...

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